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OMPHOBBY M1 RC Helicopter

OMPHOBBY M1 RC Helicopter

US$ 209.00
Orange Purple Yellow

BNF: without Transmitter

RTF-Mode1: come with Transmitter (right hand throttle)

RTF-Mode2come with Transmitter (left hand throttle)

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OMPHOBBY M1 RC Helicopter
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    • M1 is a high-quality product developed by OMPHOBBY for helicopter enthusiasts. Its compact size makes it flexible for either indoor flight or outdoor violent flight.
    • High performance direct drive 3D helicopter with dual Brushless motors.
    • Dimensions:290mm* 88mm *290mm (11.4inch*6.46inch*11.4inch)
    • Flying weight: Approx.118g
    • The dual ESC 's are improved using high-quality MOSFET' s with lower internal resistance, enhancing the flight characteristics even further. The built-in official receiver supports S-BUS and DSM/ DSMX satellites. The flight controller has three built-in flight modes: stabilizing attitude, soft 3d and violet 3d.
    • While in 3D mode you can quickly switch to attitude mode. The flight controller also has fully adjustable parameters including gyro sensitivity, rates, gain and servo mid-point position / collective.
    • Six Core Advantages
    • Adjustable Flight Controller Parameters
    • Dual Brushless Direct Drive
    • High-performance 3D Flight
    • High Precision
    • low Noise
    • Easily Maintained

Customer Reviews



Been flying helis for over 20 years and the M1 honestly is the best micro RC heli I've flown. I've built and bought almost every available 6 channel micro helis out there and this one is the only one I'll continue to fly. It is a fun little heli for both beginners and experts alike. Will be selling all my other brand helis and sticking to this one.


The best RC heli I have flown to date
Right out of the box this heli flies absolutely perfect, and it is ooooohhhh so docile. This thing feels as easy to fly as a GPS guided drone. That is how easy it is to fly. Of course you can kick it up to 3D mode and really kick some butt, but I am just too afraid of crashing this gorgeous little birdie to try.


Great little heli. Flyers much better than I really expected. Will be getting another omp heli


packaged well,durable quality parts,a little expensive but it is not a beginner heli and you get what you pay for.Very happy with this one.


By far this is the best micro helicopter on the market hands down. I can't get enough of it. The flight is nothing short of perfection. OMP just keeps nailing it and is the perfect example of you get what you pay for. After one flight, I put my 'Other' smaller micro on ebay with all the spare parts I wasted my money on over the years. This little baby M is amazing! I can't even say enough how incredible this is especially considering it's small size. Don't be fooled but the small size. It does everything the M2 can do with as much stability. These guys know what they are doing. I have had similar sized micros that can't even touch this. What else can I say? even on flight mode 2, I'm getting over 3 minutes but when my Tx tells me it's time to land (telemetry alarm set to announce 'prepare to land' when voltage is below 7 for 3 seconds) then I flip it into normal mode and end up getting about 5.5 minutes total. So using the OMP protocol model with a telemetry capable radio is a must if you want max flight times. (+ RSSI) granted you won't fly this to far anyway since it's small. Also, the charm orange is the best. so bright, you can't miss it. Can't wait for their first large model to come out soon. (please don't ask for info b/c all I know is they plan to release something very soon that might be in the 500 size area) but I know no details and you will just have to wait and see what they release. I am sticking with OMP helis from now on. Worth every penny.
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