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OMPHOBBY ZMO VTOL FPV Aircraft With DJI Goggles And Remote Controller

OMPHOBBY ZMO VTOL FPV Aircraft With DJI Goggles And Remote Controller

US$ 899.00
Z3 BNF Excluding CADDX Air Unit Z3 BNF Including CADDX Air Unit Z3 BNF Including CADDX Air Unit+Goggles Z3 BNF Including CADDX Air Unit+Remote Control-Model 1 Z3 BNF Including CADDX Air Unit+Remote Control-Model 2 Z3 RTF Including DJI Flying set-Tx-model1 Z3 RTF Including DJI Flying set-Tx-model2

BNF: without Transmitter

RTF-Mode1: come with Transmitter (right hand throttle)

RTF-Mode2come with Transmitter (left hand throttle)

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OMPHOBBY ZMO VTOL FPV Aircraft With DJI Goggles And Remote Controller
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    • Customers in the United States can choose to place an order in our U.S STORE in order for us to deliver the goods to you faster.
    • The ZMO is a fixed wing aircraft with a three-axis tilting structure which is efficient and easy to operate. The VTOL feature removes the space requirement for fixed wing take offs and landings, making the RC flying experience much more accessible at all skill levels and many more locations. Fixed-wind mode allows for cruising at a fixed speed and altitude, as well as a one-button return home function for an easy flight experience.
    • lmmersive Flight Control - When you wear the goggles, it ' s like sitting the in the cockpit of a the ZMO. Enjoy a huge 150 degree viewing angle with 120fps real-time transmission. Experience an engrossing viewing experience that places you in the center of a fast-paced, FPV world in the sky.
    • The Zmo Can Be Outfitted With A Variety Of Video Cameras.
    • Eight Core Strengths. Crash-Resistant Material. Self-Stabiizing Mode. Easy to use.
    • 1. One-click Return Home.
    • 2. 110kph/ 69mph Max Speed.
    • 3. Low Latency, HD Transmission.
    • 4. Max 40km/ 25mi Flight Range Exciting Routes.
    • 5. VTOL Vertical Take off and Landing. A Perfect Solution to the spatial limitations of Fixed Wing Take off and Landing.
    • 6. Modular Structure allows for quick, 3-minute disassembly.
    • 7. Thanks to the FPV camera and Self Stabilizing Mode, the ZMO makes the flying experience much more accessible at all levels.
    • 8. A maximum of 60-minute battery time means longer flight time, faster speeds, and more enjoyment in the sky.

    We recommend HV LiPo Battery 5100mAh 15.4V 4S for this aircraft. the battery can be purchased by click this link.

  • Flight Safety Guidelines

    1.    Comply with local laws and check relevant aviation laws before flying.

    2.    Fly in open spaces and within a clear line of sight. For safety, do not fly over people, animals or moving vehicles.

    3.    Fly at a safe altitude, and away from tall buildings.

    4.    Stay awake and do not fly after drinking.

    5.    Use both hands to control the aircraft.

    6.    Ensure good image transmission, as well as remote control and GPS signal before taking off.

    7.    Check that the accessories and the appearance of the body are in good condition. Ensure batteries are fully charged.

    8.    Please read the instructions and practice in the simulator.

    Flight Precautions

    1.    ZMO Return To Home (RTH) is a straight line return without obstacle avoidance function. Therefore, please do not fly through and around buildings, or other obstacles that may obstruct the direct communication between the aircraft and the remote control. (The signal frequency is high, meaning that the radio wavelength is short. This means the signal is easily blocked by obstacles, and makes the aircraft’s ability to cross obstacles weak)

    2.    When the remote control signal is lost, it can trigger automatic RTH. When the HD transmission signal is lost, do not perform any operations. Make sure that the HD transmission signal and the remote control signal are reconnected before operation.

    3.    ZMO has a mode of automatically RTH. The aircraft will automatically maintain the altitude and return to home in a straight line. The altitude can be controlled during the return flight. The landing position can also be controlled when landing in multi-axis mode. FPV glasses can be removed when the plane is within 50 meters of the pilot. (Distance is determined by visibility). Observe the flight status and posture of the aircraft for visual flight landing. (It is easier to judge the distance by aligning the tail of the aircraft with the remote control). RTH can be canceled at any time by placing switch “SC” into the “UP” or “SC A” position.

    4.    When using ZMO in strong wind conditions, the aircraft is prone to accidents during take-off and return. (When the aircraft is in the VTOL vertical mode, if it is blown away by the wind and is difficult to control, please land as soon as possible)

    5.    During RTH, If environmental factors cause the aircraft to be far from the home point, the aircraft can be operated visually. In the downwind direction, 50 meters away from yourself, cancel the return flight. Manually switch to multi-rotor vertical mode. (SB switch/the 6th channel). Back to the vertical mode, The aircraft will hover near you, and when the throttle is pulled to the lowest point, the aircraft will slowly descend at a constant speed. When the aircraft completely touches the ground and stops for 3 seconds, the power system will automatically turn off. (If the aircraft cannot completely touch the ground and turn off, you can make the aircraft completely touch the ground and stop it by yourself until it turns off under safe conditions, or disconnect the aircraft power supply.)

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What a great machine!! Nice quality build, great performance, good introduction for beginner, enjoyable to fly as FPV or line of sight.


Amazing drone, I had the M1, M2 and now this is a game changer for me!
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