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OMPHOBBY 3D helicopter M2
US$ 349.99
Reviews (23)
  • 20****at
    I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I love your M2 V2 helicopter. The quality is awesome and as a beginner flying r/c helicopters, I find it so easy to fly. Great Job!
  • M****k
    I should note that I was using the OMPhobby transmitter and not a Futaba or DSMX protocol transmitter. I do believe that with a quality transmitter the performance would be exceptional.
  • T****o
    Very good heli, very stable and smooth!
  • T****o
    Very good heli, very stable and smooth!
  • Da****an
    The power of this thing is amazing! I come from flying 60-90 size nitro helis from years ago. I was reluctant to try a lipo powered heli, but this little bird opened up a whole new world for me. I was also able to pair this heli with my Radiomaster TX16s using the OMP built-in receiver. You won't go wrong with this one!!
  • A.****in
    Der Heli ist robust aufgebaut und ist für mich als Anfänger sehr gut zu steuern
  • Le****ek
    Das Produkt war Früher da als angekündigt. alles gut verpackt. Ein super Heli für mein Hoppy.
  • G****.
    Fast service, great support, will order again
  • F****o
    Hat viel Power!
    Fliegt vielleicht noch präziser als der Explore Variante. Der Explore fühlt sich ganz minimal leichter und agiler in der Luft
    Für anfänger lieber mit den kleine M1 starten m.M.n.
  • s****9
    very nice heli
  • re****l.
    Bought for teenage son he loves it! Gets him out the house, managed to learn how to use it very quickly. Great fun
  • H****e
    I love the looks and the quality is second to none!! Works super great. I use it with my Radiomaster TX16S.
  • H****e
    I love the looks and the quality is second to none!! Works super great. I use it with my Radiomaster TX16S.
  • M****e
    Excellent product and quick delivery. This is some machine! I had a problem with a defective lipo it shipped with but the seller responded straight away and I received a brand new lipo within 2 days. Great customer service and product. If anyone is upgrading from the XK k110, you can use the X6 remote if you plug in an sbus futaba receiver. It's plug and play. Too stuff thanks guys.
  • Mi****D.
    I took a nearly two year break from RC helicopters. I heard a lot of hype about the OMP M2 helicopter so decided to give it a try. It has more than met my expectations and achieved my goal of getting interested in flying again. I've been flying it every day right outside my house plus got motivated enough to rejoin and visit the club with larger helis.. This machine flies great. Its light years ahead of the previous micros I owned years ago: Blade mCPX and nCPX. I was skeptical of a motor tail but it holds great. The power of this heli is incredible. The adjustability of parameters on the FBL unit is impressive too; plus I've set up a rescue mode in my transmitter that takes advantage of the self-leveling mode. You won't be held back by the heli, your skills will be the only limit. If you want a micro heli for flying in your backyard / small field this is it.
  • G****t
    Best little heli I've ever flown by a long shot. I've crashed it like 6 times now. Only replaced landing gear. Replacement parts are super cheap. Heli flys like ome much larger
  • J****n
    Expertly crafted. Flies smooth. Quiet. Only improvement could be easier battery access with the canopy on. Easy to make swashplate adjustments from the FC. 9/10.
  • D****.
    This copter is very stable. You will learn to fly with less trouble. Just be patient and take it slow. It will be a fun challenge. And will worth sticking with it. Don’t forget to order some spare parts.
  • j****j
    Love this helicopter!! You will not be disappointed. This flies like some of my bigger 500 size and up helicopters. Handles 10mph wind like a charm.
  • d****e
    Ottimo elicottero di misura piccola da usare al aperto.
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