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  • c****s
    Great helicopter especially if your new you can really give this thing a beating even experienced flyers will have it good customizing the gyro speed agility and it's really cheap and easy to fix haven't replaced original blades yet I've Crashed 8 times had it for 3 months and almost 50 flights still strong 💪
  • M.****ir
    Great heli very strong. I've hit the ground a few times and hit throttle hold with no real damage. I needed help to bind it to my tx and get going. Very happy with it.
  • Cl****on
    Muy buen helicóptero se comporta como uno de mucha mas envergadura. El único el plato cíclico, en parte de plástico. Es conveniente cambiarlo. Se me rompió al primer roce.
  • B****.
    The heli itself is well constructed and has the ability to perform better than most machines of its size. The BNF setup is not intuitive and there are confusing and conflicting You Tube videos explaining it. Although it is capable of being flown using the OMP protocol ( built in receiver) I strongly recommend adding a Spektrum or Futaba remote receiver and controlling it that way. Despite flying helis for over 30yrs. I struggled to get this one set up as I like. Once set up with a futaba receiver it flies like a dream.
  • Ge****as
    Cet hélicoptère est un excellent produit, grande valeur pour le prix.
    Pour pilote intermédiaire et avancés.
    Pour les débutants un conseil : commencez avec le xk k110 en mode pilotage 6G.

    Il serait vraiment très bien que Amazon distribue les autres produits de cette compagnie OMPHOBBY.
  • K****.
    Bought this after flying a fixed pitch heli for the past couple of years. The difference is amazing, the M2 is much more precise and almost easier (with the stabilization on) to fly than the my old fixed pitch heli.
    Build quality is top notch also.
  • P*****de
    Been looking at the M2 for a while. I was looking for a model to bridge the gap between the sub micro and full hobby grade models in my fleet. The M2 did not disappoint. It’s an incredible little machine which flys much bigger than its diminutive size would have you believe. I’ve had micros and minis in the past. None of them has matched the build quality or performance of this little machine. Not only would I recommend it to experienced pilots, I’d have no hesitation in suggesting it to a novice, the stability mode is incredible although I don’t use it at all. The only downside is the lack of a manual in the box so a raw novice would need help from an experience modeller to get set up. That said there is lots of help available on line so the set up procedure is made a little easier.
    With stability mode off and the rates turned up this little machine will certainly put a very silly grin on your face……maybe that’s just me then. I could wax lyrical all day about how good this helicopter is, if in doubt just search the videos on YouTube. I genuinely cannot think of anything negative to say……JUST GO BUY ONE!
  • f****Y
    richtig guter hely
  • WF****ll
    What an amazing product. Best helicopter I have ever owned. Awesome
  • WF****ll
    What an amazing product. Best helicopter I have ever owned. Awesome
  • o****.
    Great service
    Nice price
    Fast delivery
    Nice to do business with
  • D****.
    good service and wonderful product. What more can I say?
  • A****n
    This review is for the explorer version. This is a very well built and very well engineered heli. Not that it needed it but I took apart and inspected the main head before maiden flight. I just do that with all helis I don't initially put together my self. There was plenty of grease in the thrust bearings. The feathering shaft screws did need blue locktight. All other screws were tight and had either locktight or ca glue. I also replaced the carbon composit blade grips whith aluminum ones. I just like those better. Everything else is stock. I used a Frsky R-XSR receiver hooked into the Sbus port. And bound it to a Jumper T16 pro hall TX. (I also build and fly FPV freestyle quads so to me setup was easy) I wanted to use a satellite receiver so to take advantage of OpenTx programming. The OMP receiver I don't think will allow you to setup custom pitch and throttle curves and this is essential in tuning the flight characteristics to your liking. The main head components are smooth and tight. There is no play in the linkage at all. Very precision built. (I'm also a CNC machinist and programmer so I can appreciate the main head components fitting very precise) The motors are very high quality and very smooth running. The tail motor works very well. Super powerful and won't blow out on you. The direct drive main motor is a very good design and is smooth and quiet. All you hear is blade noise, and it sounds great in the air. I got 8 min flights just flying scale circuits with 3.70 ish resting Volts per cell. This heli flies smooth, stable and rock solid. It is as responsive as you like it to be and could be tamed down to be an excelent trainer if paired with a TX that has pitch and throttle curve programming. OMP Hobby did an excellent job with this one. I would not hesitate at all to pick this one up if you're looking for a 180 to 200 size heli. This heli way out performs my Trex 450 flybar clone.
  • Gu****me
    Pour le loisir, parfait pour personnes ayant déjà manipulé un hélico RC à pas collectif. Nécessite une radio programmable et son récepteur associé pour en tirer tout le potentiel.
  • T****.
    OMP Hobby M2 RC Helicopter Explore Version OMPHobby M2 EXP Heli
  • T****y
    Just getting back into helicopters and this thing is awesome. Very stable, easy to set up. Actually helicopter is perfect right out of the box. Watched Buddy RC video on YouTube for TX programming a Spektrum TX and perfect. No complaints at all. I highly recommend this helicopter.
  • C****.
    I've been a loyal fan of another brand for many many years. This heli just changed my outlook. It is extremely well built and stable mode works as it claims. But once in idle up 2 or VIOLENT 3d it is exactly that. This heli screams for being smacked around. I absolutely love this hummingbird on crack :) Although a bit above my level in Violent it is still stable and reacts to your inputs only. Just very quickly so be careful. This is the best of it's class hobby grade heli I've ever flown. And it allows 3 modes for you to grow with it. Thank you for the great product and unprecedented customer service.
  • R****.
    Have flown bigger 700 size 10 years ago and wanted something quick, fun, and easy. This hits all the right spots! Get one and see what all the fuss is about.
  • D****.
    OMP Hobby M2 RC Helicopter Explore Version OMPHobby M2 EXP Heli
  • D****a
    It was a pleasure working with you
    Look forward to working with you again
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