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OMPHOBBY 65''  Bushmaster Balsa Airplane

OMPHOBBY 65'' Bushmaster Balsa Airplane

US$ 380.00

BNF: without Transmitter

RTF-Mode1: come with Transmitter (right hand throttle)

RTF-Mode2come with Transmitter (left hand throttle)

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OMPHOBBY 65'' Bushmaster Balsa Airplane
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    • OMPHobby 65”Bushmaster this aircraft faithfully replicates the true designs of the real-life aircraft, the head of the aircraft is reinforced with composite splints, the fuselage uses carbon fiber beams, an easy-to-install Horizontal Stabilizer Elevator, and an integrated Elevator, there are also pontoon installation positions, and aluminum alloy Wing Struts.
    • The aircraft is made of high-quality materials such as balsa wood, composite material, aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and covering film,it is light, strong, and exquisitely beautiful.

    Parameter Specification

    WingSpan: 1660mm(66in)

    Full Length: 1300mm(52in)

    Flight Weight: 2.3-2.6KG

    Wing Area: 34.2d

    Wing Load: 67.25-76g/d

    Wing Angle of Incidence: 0.5°

    Motor Thrust Angles: Down 0°& Right 2.5°

    Pack Dimension: 133*44*16 (L*H*W)cm

    Gross Weight: 5.16KG

    The Center of Gravity (CG)

    Approx. 58-65mm (measured from wing leading edge at root)

    Power System

    Motor: Sunnysky 3520

    ESC: Sunnysky 60-80A

    Propeller: Eolo 14x7E

     Lipos: 6S 2200-3300mah/ 4S 2600-4000mah

    Servo: SG5S (23x12mm)*6 (Aileron*2, Flap *2, Elevator*1, Rudder*1)


    OMPHobby SG5S (23x12mm)*6 (Aileron*2, Flap *2, Elevator*1, Rudder*1)

    Cord/lead: 600mm *1, 220mm*3, 450mm*2

    Servo Arm: 2.5" Servo Arm 

    Recommended Settings of Dual Rates and Exponential of Control Surfaces

    Aileron:  Low rate 15 deg.  30% expo

     High rate 38 deg.  45% expo

    Elevator:  Low rate 15 deg.  30% expo

                      High rate 45 deg.  45%expo

    Rudder:  Low rate 15 deg.  30% expo       

      High rate 48 deg.  50% expo

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